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One shoe, multiple terrains. Multiple activities. Multiple situations.We definitely solved the compromise between grip, comfort, performance and style.

WAHU’s product combines microelectronics, sensors and a pneumatic system. The union of these elements allows the sole to modify its morphology and its structure, adapting its grip and its cushioning to different situations.

Discover Wahu: an engineering, design and Italian craftmanship masterpiece.

Sole adaptability

Thanks to an air flow inside a pneumatic system, a miniaturized compressor produces the volumetric changes in the sole and, consequently, the variation of its grip and cushioning.

Digital app control

With the support of Wahu digital app, you can communicate with your shoes, set the right mode, optimize the grip and the cushioning, manage your digital rack, verify the battery level and track your daily postural wellbeing.

Wahu app

Wireless charging system

You need to relax, we know that. Nothing easier: just put the shoes on their charging base and they will do the rest. Check the light signal on the pad (and your app) to monitor the charge level.