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The world of footwear is about to change.
Are you ready?

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What it is

A revolutionary, high-tech sole, which allows the shoe to adapt itself to any condition. Our shoes are able to automatically modify themselves according to you, to your needs, to the terrain you walk on.

Our Vision

To craft the beauty in functionality and to unveil the functionality of beauty, solving the conflict between what is creative and what is rational, between what is romantic and what is classic, between what is handmade and what is technological.

What it does

We created a highly technological sole and we made it adaptable to any type of change: both in the environment in which you move and in your dynamic state, such as your posture! That seems incredible, we know that.

Our Mission

WAHU aims at reshaping the world of Italian footwear, by creating wearable objects that can adapt themselves to us, to our life and to its daily changes, making it possible to stay in the here and now.

The future is almost here

Dropping December 2021

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